LDS Charities representative prepares to give an immunization shot.

Our Mission

Raise public awareness of local immunization sites and campaigns. Our efforts have increased the number of immunized children and reduced the number of lives lost to measles, diarrhea, and pneumonia.

Our Approach

LDS Charities works with local organizations to initiate and financially support village parades, TV announcements, pamphlet deliveries, and radio advertisements to publicize the immunizations that are available in the area. This local mobilization (in conjunction with our donations to worldwide organizations) advances one of the most vital medical initiatives.

2016 Impact


Monetary Support

LDS Charities gives donations to local and international organizations who are responsible for purchasing vaccines for developing countries.

Local Volunteers

LDS Church members and other volunteers help by delivering pamphlets, keeping accurate records, organizing immunization sites, and ensuring that their own children receive immunizations.

Social Mobilization

Through radio and TV spots, parades, and jingles, community and LDS Church members increase public awareness for immunization.