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Mother holds her newborn baby that has been safely resuscitated.

Saving Newborns in Sierra Leone

War devastated Sierra Leone for over 10 years. Rebels were killing civilians, civilians who weren’t killed had no food, and the road to freedom was blocked.

Abie Turay, a survivor of the Sierra Leone Civil War, recounts how LDS Charities and members of the LDS Church helped her and her family survive. After the war, she was trained in neonatal resuscitation and is able to bless her community by serving as a midwife.

CARE CEO Michelle Nunn shares vision of partnership with LDS Charities (4:36)

A teen girl talking to residents at a nursing home.

Teens’ Christmas Service Project for a Nursing Home (3:06)

Refugee clients in a mobile clinic in Rome.

Mobile Medical Clinic for Refugees in Rome (1:25)

Haitian youth planting trees.

“A Tree Is Life”: Planting Trees in Haiti for Future Generations (3:35)

A doctor speaking with a refugee in Sicily.

Mental Health Clinic for Refugees in Sicily (1:02)

Two women hugging.

Crocheting for a Difference (4:27)

The Idaho Falls Community Humanitarian Center.

“People do care.”—Idaho Falls Community Sees Miracles as They Serve (4:19)

A woman helping a young boy with homework.

Baptists and Mormons Working Together: Tutoring Struggling Kids in Los Angeles (3:19)

A boy and a woman at a horse pasture.

A Haven from Gang Violence: The Compton Junior Posse Equestrians (4:05)