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Mother holds her newborn baby that has been safely resuscitated.

Saving Newborns in Sierra Leone

War devastated Sierra Leone for over 10 years. Rebels were killing civilians, civilians who weren’t killed had no food, and the road to freedom was blocked.

Abie Turay, a survivor of the Sierra Leone Civil War, recounts how LDS Charities and members of the LDS Church helped her and her family survive. After the war, she was trained in neonatal resuscitation and is able to bless her community by serving as a midwife.

Refugee Relief in Europe: Nina Karrou (6:24)

Preserving Sight for the Homeless (3:32)

I'll Stay- Emergency Response Music Vido (2:54)

Escaping Poverty: Community Chicken Project (3:22)

“I Thank God That Our Paths Crossed”: Ending Blindness in Premature Newborns (3:11)

"All Through the Night" Music Video (2:03)

LDS Charities Behind the Scenes: Emergency Response with Jeff Foy (5:54)

LDS Charities Behind the Scenes: Helping Babies Breathe Volunteer Dr. Michael Draper (4:59)

CARE CEO Michelle Nunn shares vision of partnership with LDS Charities (4:36)