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Clean Water 2016 Overview

In 2016, LDS Charities helped 380,000 people gain access to safe water in 19 different countries.

Clean Water 2016 Overview (1:44)

Eileen Schoen talks about partnership with LDS Charities

Eileen Schoen- Helping Babies Breathe Testimonial (:49)

robert smith testimonial

Robert Clark- Helping Babies Breathe Testimonial (1:27)

Dean Walker talking about why LDS Charities partners with Helping Babies Breathe

Dean Walker- Helping Babies Breathe Testimonial (1:20)

kristen talks with water technical specialists

Behind the Scenes: Water Technical Specialists (5:33)

Susan Niermeyer—Helping Babies Breathe Testimonial (2:12)

Behind the Scenes: Clean Water

LDS Charities Behind the Scenes | Clean Water (6:53)

LDS Charities Behind the Scenes: Maternal and Newborn Care with Dean Walker (7:16)

Refugee Relief in Europe: Nina Karrou (6:24)