Emergency Response Update

Emergency Response Update

woman cleans up after disaster

Flooding in Peru

In March 2017, torrential rain in Peru generated devastating floods and mudslides throughout most of the country. The flooding destroyed many roads, bridges, farmland, homes and businesses. LDS Charities continues to help by providing food, tents for shelter, tools for cleanup, and other necessary supplies. According to Deseret News, an estimated 103,000 flood victims have benefited from more than 380 tons of donated relief supplies from LDS Charities.

Eastern Texas Spring Tornados

On April 29, severe storms including 3 confirmed tornadoes left a trail of overturned vehicles, power outages, and damaged homes near Canton, Texas. LDS Charities provided funds for tarps and other cleaning supplies. Local church members also volunteered to assist in the cleanup.

Medical Care for Refugees on the Greek Islands

LDS Charities is working in partnership with UNHCR to improve medical access to refugees on the island of Lesvos, Chois, Kos, Leros, and Rhodes. Hundreds of refugees are arriving daily with need of medical, psychological and psychiatric support.  Over a two-month period, we will provide 3,000 medical consultations, 300 psychological and psychiatric consultations, and 250 referrals to specialty health care to refugees.  Medication and medical supplies will also be distributed to fixed and mobile medical units.

Cholera Prevention in Somalia

In partnership with Save the Children, LDS Charities is providing funding to implement a six-month emergency program to stop the spread of cholera in Puntland, Somaliland, and South-Central Somalia.  We will provide vaccinations, medicine and medical supplies for treatment, including aqua tabs, chlorinated water, and hygiene kits to affected individuals. Water points, latrines, and solid waste management systems will receive rehabilitation and public information on cholera prevention will be disseminated.  An estimated 7,000 children and adults will be treated for cholera and 15,000 drought-affected individuals will receive access to clean water.

Flooding in Missouri, United States

Excessive rainfall and levee breaks this month have caused major flooding and damage to area homes and businesses in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. LDS Charities has provided funding to assist with clean up supplies. Local volunteers have also helped in the cleanup process.

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