LDS Charities Updates

LDS Charities Famine Relief Efforts

Every night, thousands of children and adults go to bed without eating. Natural disasters, disease, and war have struck large swaths of the world, causing famine to become a real-life issue for many people. LDS Charities is working around the world to feed the hungry.

For more than two decades, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been plagued by complex conflicts with grave humanitarian consequences. Deteriorating security conditions have disrupted lifesaving interventions for children in the Greater Kasai region, placing thousands at risk of severe acute malnutrition. LDS Charities is partnering with UNICEF USA in the DRC to provide medical diagnosis and treatment services to an estimated 3,700 children with severe malnutrition.

In South Sudan, two consecutive years of low rainfall have led to crop failure and food insecurity for 1.7 million people. LDS Charities is partnering with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) to improve nutritional outcomes for vulnerable communities affected by the famines as well as the current war in South Sudan. ADRA is working with vetted grocers to provide emergency food supplies and is also working with LDS Charities to increase access to seeds, farming tools, and agricultural training. This will help boost the local economy and the success of local farmers.

In partnership with RMF, LDS Charities will provide lifesaving health and nutrition services to people in South Sudan. Funding will be used to recruit and train a technical support health team, procure equipment, establish outpatient treatment programs and supplementary feeding programs, and monitor and evaluate the health and nutrition of local citizens. In Somalia, where 3.2 million people face acute food insecurity, LDS Charities is supporting RMF to provide 150 households in the districts of Kahda and Adale with a monthly food package for a period of six months.

To help LDS Charities work with more partners to eliminate hunger around the world, consider donating to the Humanitarian Aid Fund on an LDS tithing form or at Donated funds are used to support charitable initiatives around the world.