Farmers tending a keyhole garden in Timor-Leste.

Helping Families in Timor-Leste through Keyhole Gardens

Subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste depend upon crops to feed their families. LDS Charities and Catholic Relief Services have partnered to help farmers produce more crops through building keyhole gardens.

Notre Dame Students Researched Causes of Childhood Malnutrition in Kiribati to Help LDS Charities Implement Solutions

Notre Dame graduate students researched causes of childhood malnutrition in Kiribati and presented the research, as well as possible solutions, to LDS Charities representatives in May 2017.

June Emergency Response Update

LDS Charities responds to emergencies throughout the world on a regular basis. Check out the list of our most recent efforts.
Boy receiving vision care

Helping Colombians Receive Vision Care

LDS will partner with the Lions Clubs International Foundation's SightFirst program to improve vision care in Colombia and the surrounding region.