Farmers tending a keyhole garden in Timor-Leste.

Helping Families in Timor-Leste through Keyhole Gardens

Subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste depend upon crops to feed their families. LDS Charities and Catholic Relief Services have partnered to help farmers produce more crops through building keyhole gardens.
Josephine Nyaboke (center), a farmer in Kenya, shows off her 2016 maize harvest, Photo Credit: Winnie Akiso

LDS Charities and One Acre Fund Partnership to Enable Farmers to Lift Themselves Out of Poverty

LDS Charities partners with One Acre Fund to help farmers in countries like Kenya and Uganda magnify their efforts so they can provide enough food to support their families and sell in the market. The organizations provide access to high-quality seeds and fertilizer, which will help farmers produce more food and lift themselves out of poverty.
A teenage boy holds carrots he grew.

Helping Youth in Ghana through Agriculture

LDS Charities and 4-H Ghana partner to organize 50 agricultural clubs in Ghana. These clubs help teens to develop leadership abilities and gain practical skills.
Cucumber plants being grown in the greenhouse

Gardening Project Brings Healing

LDS Charities partners with the National Mental Health Center in Mongolia to provide mental health patients with greenhouses and tools to aid in their healing.