A teenage boy holds carrots he grew.

Helping Youth in Ghana through Agriculture

LDS Charities and 4-H Ghana partner to organize 50 agricultural clubs in Ghana. These clubs help teens to develop leadership abilities and gain practical skills.
Cucumber plants being grown in the greenhouse

Gardening Project Brings Healing

LDS Charities partners with the National Mental Health Center in Mongolia to provide mental health patients with greenhouses and tools to aid in their healing.
Woman working in a quinoa field

Providing greater nutrition and food security in Morocco

LDS Charities and scientists in Morocco work together to grow quinoa and to improve the production of beldi chickens to provide greater nutrition and food security in Morocco.
Family gardening in Ecuador as a result of LDS Charities food project

Self-Sufficiency in the Andes

LDS Charities teach families in Ecuador how to grow home gardens to increase their self-reliance and access to nutritional food.