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Pakistani Flood Victims Receive Emergency Relief Supplies

Recipient carries food on her head after floods in Pakistan.

In early September 2014, heavy monsoon rains caused devastating flash floods that swept through parts of Pakistan and India. The disaster killed over 500 people and affected two million more.

The flooding of the Jhelum, Chenab, and Ravi rivers submerged 14 million acres of Pakistan’s most fertile cropland. Crops of wheat, rice, and corn were largely destroyed, and 198,000 cattle perished—a significant loss of livestock. Farmers make up 80 percent of the population affected by the flood, and these losses crippled their livelihoods.

LDS Charities provided food and hygiene items as part of an emergency relief effort in collaboration with the Lahore District of the Church of Pakistan and Aim4Faith Ministries, an NGO in Lahore. The supplies were sewn and bound into 700 family packs by representatives from Aim4Faith Ministries and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The family packs were delivered to four locations in Pakistan that had been damaged by the floods. To ensure that supplies were distributed evenly among families, volunteers issued tokens to family representatives, according to resident lists. A local supervisor then made sure that only one member from each family received the supplies.

In partnership with Saba Trust, an NGO that has been in Pakistan for 46 years, LDS Charities distributed seeds and fertilizer to 100 farmers. Each farmer received one bag of nitro fertilizer, one bag of DAP fertilizer, and 60 kg of wheat seeds. This helps meet long-term relief needs and allows farmers to regain their self-reliance for the future.