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Drawing water from a reverse osmosis unit in India.

Clean Water for 27 Villages in India

LDS Charities helped bring clean water to 27 villages in Hyderabad, India. LDS Charities partnered with a local company, Liquid Services, to install reverse osmosis units.
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Water committee

What is a Water Committee?

What is a water committee? LDS Charities uses water committees made up of local men and women to regulate water usage.
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Women in India who use reverse osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?

What is reverse osmosis? LDS Charities uses this process to purify water, so villages and communities have clean water to use.
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Voices from Our Volunteers
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Sandy and Lynn Watson and other volunteers at the wheelchair event in Erbil, Iraq.

Easter in Erbil

LDS Charities representatives in Erbil, Iraq spent their Easter providing wheelchairs to those in need.
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Senior missionaries wearing Mormon Helping Hands vests on a beach in Cambodia.

A Day at the Beach

Lori Thurston, an LDS Charities representative serving in Cambodia, shares a story about cleaning a beachfront with a group of young single adults.
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LDS Charities representatives with a house in Cambodia.

House Repairs in Cambodia

Lori Thurston writes about her experience as an LDS Charities representative in Cambodia, where she is working to repair 22 homes in one part of the country.
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